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== Life ==

=== Early Years ===

Moews was born in Lauenau, christened lutherian and educated at the Grammar School Springe, loved sports, football, table tennis, snow skiing, sailing and in the foodsteps of his father (an engineer and city planner) he painted and drew and made lots of music and was presumed as an excellent singer.



Dietmar Moews in Switzerland, Fex Valley


=== 1960s ===

Still at school Moews bought a second hand jazzguitar, started playing with friends in a scout troop. In 1964 he founded his first band Mercy Lsd, played first gigs and joined (1967) as bass player and singer in to the distinguished band of Hannover of that time [[The Beads]]. He also had his first exhibition with water color paintings in his home town. In the age of 17 he had already read through the whole library of his family and got familiar especially with the complete works of [[Goethe]] and [[Nietzsche]]. His favorite painter was the master from Lorraine [[Georges de La Tour]]. In 1967 Moews started to train as carpenter and concrete worker for become building engineer and went (1968) to study in [[Minden]]. Before finishing this line he went by occasion into cross-europe travelling and [[hearse driving]] business, came first time to Italy and decided to became an Artist Scholar modelled on allround masters like [[Piero della Francesca]], [[Bruneleschi]] or [[Leonardo da Vinci]]. In the mood of 1960s [[Beatlesmania]], [[Hippie]] Subculture and [[Student Movement]] and the hypertrophical modern living of the sixties with alcohol and drugs experiences brought the coming out twice, his brilliant discursive and musical line.

=== 1970s ===

Moews studied hydraulic engineering and seaport and harbour-building in [[Minden]] in Bielefeld between 1968 and 1972, graduating with a Diploma of Engineering (Analysis, Design and Calculation of a new [[Harbour]] of [[Norderney]]). His 1972 design for the “Seaport and sport-and-shelter-harbour of the Isle of Norderney“, the so-called “Dietmar-Moews-Port,” was constructed in 1975 by the State of Lower Saxonia and the Federal Republic of Germany, In 1973 Dietmar Moews had his first exhibition with own paintings and founded the “Fine-Arts-Gallery M” in Hanover-Linden together with a former school-friend [[Gerhard Merkin]] under the importantly influence of [[Egon Neubauer]], [[Bernhard Dörries]] und [[Peter Janssen]], [[German Painter]]s.1977 to 1984 he directed the “Ballhof-Galerie Hannover“ in downtown Hannover.

In 1979 he founded the art magazine[[Neue Sinnlichkeit]] with a manifest of the Neue Sinnlichkeit. Moews also continued his studies at the University of Hanover in engineering and education between 1972 and 1974 and law at the Georg August University of Göttingen between 1974 and 1976 and since than in numerous political activities in the extra parliamentary opposition and along with the peace movement (1978) founder of the GREEN Party. In the meanwhile he had to serve his duty as a medic in the German Johanniter Unfallhilfe, went on to also study fine arts in Brunswick between 1976 and 1978, meantime he worked at the High School of Springe as a teacher. 1977 Moews entered the international market at the art fair of Cologne and painted a Copy of the Fruit Basket Still Life Master Piece of Michelangelo Carravagio in Milan.

=== 1980s ===

Dietmar Moews, the white cherub skirt, the firecracker under the tail of the dozeing culture lion“ splashed the German Critic [[Armin Mohler]] on the contemporary Art Scene in [[Die Welt]] (1980).He organized about 120 Exhibitions with different artists and Chamber Music Concerts with distinguished Musicians and first releases ([[Matthias Gawriloff]], [[Sabine Meyer]], [[Reiner Wehle]], [[Wolfgang Meyer]], [[Christoph Poppen]], violin, [[Ronald Hogeveen]], violin, [[Thomas Schmidt-Kowalski]], composer, [[Michael Gees]], composer and piano, [[Ladislav Kupkovic]], composer, [[Elsbeth Moser]], accordeon,[[John Gould]], accordeon, [[Kristin Merscher]], piano, [[Andreas Staier]], piano and harpsichords, [[Heiner Eckels]], vocalist, [[Almut Bruns]], piano, [[Sevimbike Elibay]], piano, [[Gotthard Kronstein]], vocalist,[[Andrea Schneider-Hagel]], percussions, [[Wolfgang Schneider]], percaussions, [[Kazuo Muranaka]], violin, [[Einar Steen-Nöckleberg]], piano a. o.).

Tambov and Ivanovca, Rhussia. For the empirical research on the organization in the production and distribution of arts and culture for the empirical research on the organization in the production and distribution of arts and culture he got expertises of [[Rudolph Bauer]], [[Sigrid Schade-Tholen]], [[Marlis Krüger]] of University of Bremen, and his author for several items of the Neue Sinnlichkeit, the eminent sociologist [[Alphonse Silbermann]] (Cologne), had given him essential tutorship and expertise. 1994 he was an internet technology and communications consultant to the German Green Party (Alliance ’90/The Greens) in the Deutscher Bundestag in Bonn. In 1995 he founded “Office for Earth-Belongings“ in Magdeburg and Leipzig. He went to Dresden 1998 and organized the “Diesseits von Gut und Böse“ art project. In 2000 he received his PH.D. from the University of Bremen.

=== 2000s ===

In the year 2000 he founded the “asz Alphons Silbermann Zentrum Institute for European Mass-Communications- and Education Research Dresden” and in 2003 he organized the Free University Dresden, a model of a virtual research university. In 2005 he founded the “Mobile Büro für Lichtgeschwindigkeit“, the “BiBi4E“ (DSL Broadband for Everyone) campaign and the non-governmental organization “Mobiler Verein für Mobile Büros für Lichtgeschwindigkeit“. Since the year 2009 he was chosen two times, in 2010 and 2012, as candidate for chairman of the board of the german pirate party and member of the pirate ingroup of Berlin. Since the year 2013 he lives in Cologne.


== life and creation ==


===Painting Technology===

===Work Index===





the engineer, 1972: the morning after the party


===Sociology of Settlement and Urbanity===

===Sociology of Arts and Culture===

===Sociological Theorie===

===Social Philosophy===

===Sociology of Information Technology===

===Sociology of Mass Communication and collectiv Reason===

Prof. Dr. Alphons Silbermann helda reception to his 90th  day of births at the Excelsior Hotel Ernst Cologne near dome

Prof. Dr. Alphons Silbermann held a reception to his 90th day of birth at the Excelsior Hotel Ernst Cologne near dome

The PH.D. supervisor of Dietmar Moews



==Stage Plays==




==Peer Opinions==


== Zitate ==== Peermeinungen ==

== Weblinks ==

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Youtube dietmarmoews Lichtgeschwindigkeit





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==Life and Creations==

The white Angel Skirt“ Founder of the Beatband [[Mercy Lsd]] (1966), Designer and Constructor of the Harbour of Norderney, founder of [[Galerie M]] of Hanover (together with [[Gerhard Merkin]]; 1973), of the [[Blallhof-Galerie Hannover]] (1975), der [[Gabl]] (Hanover section of the Green Party; 1977); he wrote and published the [[Manifest of Neue Sinnlichkeit]] ([[1979]], Artists Group [[Neue Sinnlichkeit]], (1980), [[International Initiative Sportsmen for Peace]] (1982); [[U Spielplatz der Künste]], Hanover Raschplatz (1984); [[Lies association]] (Club for the devellopment of Truth and Fairness by the Art of Lying]] (1986); [[Artists Group of the capitalistic Realism]], together with Franz O. Kopp, Job Crogier and Fokko von Felde (1987); [[Pandora Kunst Projekt]] [[München]] (1987); [[Office for Earth Belongings]], [[Leipzig]] (1996); [[At the Side of Good and Evil]], Dresden (1998); [[asz alphons-silbermann-zentrum – Institute for European Mass-Communication- and Education Research]] [[Dresden]] [[2000]]; [[freie-universitaet-dresden]] (2003); [[Mobile Office for Speed of Light]] (2005);


===Technology of Painting===

Moews [[technology of painting]] is mainly and favored develloped to an [[Oil Tempera]] by [[Schmincke Mussini]] on semi fat mostly bolus colored priming, painted by sophisticated paint brushes, spiky water-color paint brushes on semi featured Canvases, mostly in fluid consistence by balsam turpentine to get a glossless satuate surface.

===Catalogue Raisonne´===

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