Amid the Trumpian Chaos, Europe Sees a Strategy: Divide and Conquer

Juli 14, 2018

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am Samstag, 14. Juli 2018.




Der ganze Russenkredit-TRUMP lässt sich als Wichtigtuer verstehen, der die Schraube der Ausreizung um massenmediale Wahrnehmung bzw. Aufmerksamkeits-Fokussierung durch jegliche Formen von „STÖRUNGS-Ketten.


Ich kann in der heutigen deutschen Presse nur hilflose Blicke erkennen, die anscheinend so unsicher sind, entweder den Sprudelkopf TRUMP genau zu beobachten, um auf Sicht Nichts falsch zu machen bzw. andere, die Offen gegen TRUMP agitieren oder eben ängstlich aufpassen, was die anderen machen –


was macht Theresa May?


was macht Putin?


was machen die Kurse an den Börsen?


Was sagen die Republikaner oder die Demokraten in den USA?


Ich zitiere folglich die NEW YORK TIMES, die führend zu der breitseitigen ANTI-TRUMP-Publizistik in den USA gehört, und da wird heute der Wirbel von TRUMP in London, der die Premierministerin herabwürdigte (Audio-Link bei „The Sun“) um seine eigenen Aussagen dann abzustreiten (TRUMP: Fake News), während man seine hasserfüllenden O-Töne aber lesen und zur Kontrolle bei SUN nachhören kann: Es ist nicht FAKE NEWS, sondern es ist ORIGINAL TRUMP BULLSHIT und Subversion.


Worauf TRUMP samt Ehefrau bei Schloss Windsor zu Tee durfte, um wie ein Vorkonfirmant beim Papst Franz ganz brav aufs Foto zu klettern.



Kurz, die NEW YORK TIMES titelt oben links:


Es ist unzweifelhaft, dass TRUMP versucht die Europäer zu spalten und gegeneinander aufzubringen und konkret auch auszuspielen. Und die nytimes mutmaßt, dass TRUMPS Brett etwas zu dünn sein könnte für die komplexe Interessen-Welt. Denn auch das Vereinigte Königreich kann mit „America First / Wiederwahl Trump 2020“ nicht so ganz viel anfangen:


Denn Trump wiederholt und langweilt seit G7, G20, NATO-Treffen, Londonbesuch etc. pp. jetzt nach Helsinki, wo der Trump-Immobilien-Kreditgeber PUTIN sich einen Ast lacht.



The New York Times, am 13. Juli 2018:


„BRUSSELS — European allies knew to expect the unexpected from President Trump, especially after their rancorous encounter last month at the Group of 7 summit meeting in Canada.


But Mr. Trump’s European tour has still rattled many on the Continent and in Britain, who have watched from a distance the chaos he creates on a daily basis in the United States but had not been directly exposed to it until this week.


More important, for the long term, they have begun to believe that underneath the presidential narcissism, sarcasm and bluster there is a strategy: to undercut European solidarity in NATO and the European Union so the United States can exercise its economic and military power to shape relations with individual countries, just as China and Russia seek to do.


The atmospherics have been awful. Mr. Trump happily broke protocol at NATO and in Britain, skipping appointments with other leaders, forcing changes in the agenda, scolding other leaders, calling an early news conference to get onto morning television programs in America, making unfounded claims about agreements and giving an interview to the British mass-market tabloid The Sun that deeply embarrassed his host, Prime Minister Theresa May.


But Europeans are now convinced that Mr. Trump has an agenda that is inimical to their interests, said François Heisbourg, a French political analyst. “Europeans realize that he’s not just a temperamental child, but that he wants to dismantle the multilateral order created 70 years ago that he believes limits American power.”


European leaders had already taken into account the disrupter Trump, said Tomas Valasek, the director of Carnegie Europe, a foreign policy think tank. “We’re not in the dark about him, but we’ve never dealt with this sort of political animal before,” Mr. Valasek said. “This is a new ballgame and we’re learning how to play it. We’re not necessarily more effective, but we’re getting wiser.”


Different leaders have tried different strategies with Mr. Trump, from the “buddy-buddy” approach of President Emmanuel Macron of France and Ms. May, to the cooler attitude of Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. “But we found that none of this matters,” Mr. Valasek said. “He’ll treat you like a competitor one way or another. He wants to pit countries against one another and use U.S. power and wealth against the others for his advantage.”


The frustration sometimes comes out in meetings. At the NATO meeting, for instance, Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen of Denmark told Mr. Trump that Danes had suffered as many casualties per capita as the United States had in Afghanistan, and that blood mattered more than money.


In direct and clear speech, I have made it clear to him that Denmark’s contribution cannot be measured in money,” Mr. Rasmussen said afterward.


The personal distaste could also be measured in body language, when European leaders made little effort to engage with Mr. Trump, chatting to one another while Mr. Trump walked along with the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a semiauthoritarian outsider.


Trump is becoming politically toxic in Western Europe,” Mr. Valasek said. “No one wants to be seen smiling with him after being berated on Twitter. Even more, Mr. Trump’s insults and his unpopularity among European voters make it harder for European leaders to do what he wants them to do, like increase military spending, even when they think they should do it.”


After Mr. Trump split with the Europeans on issues like climate change and the Iran nuclear deal, Mr. Valasek said, “leaders don’t want to be associated with anything he wants; it’s the kiss of death.”


They are also fearful of his populism, his support for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, or Brexit, and his affinity with their political adversaries, who share his nationalist, anti-immigration message.


Yet, Europe faces a dilemma with Mr. Trump, as Sigmar Gabriel, the former German foreign minister, said in an interview with Der Spiegel. “The truth is, we can’t get along with Trump and we can’t get along without the U.S.,” Mr. Gabriel said. “We therefore need a dual strategy: clear, hard and, above all, common European answers to Trump. Any attempt to accommodate him, any appraisal only leads him to go a step further. This must be over. From trade to NATO.”


He continued: “We cannot delude ourselves anymore. Donald Trump only knows strength. So we have to show him that we are strong.”


How to do that, however, is less clear, since Europe’s security dependence on the United States is both obvious and will not change soon, despite European talk of more money for a joint European defense.


The problem is visible not just in Germany but in Spain, distant from Russia. Pedro Sánchez, Spain’s new Socialist prime minister, outraged the leftist lawmakers who helped put him in office when he pledged to raise his country’s military spending to 2 percent from the current 0.9 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.


John C. Kornblum, a former American ambassador to Germany who still lives there, said that “the real problem is that postwar Europe seems not to have regained a sense of purpose and direction.”


It cannot formulate self-confident and achievable goals,” Mr. Kornblum continued, “and above all seems unable to stand up for itself against the criminals of the world” — including the former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic in the 1990s and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia now.


The European nations’ great accomplishments — continental peace and social welfare — have led them “to become self-righteous in their pride about them, but in reality these steps forward were only possible within an American bubble,” Mr. Kornblum said.


And now Mr. Trump has called them out on it and “spoken the unspeakable,” Mr. Kornblum said, and it is both unwelcome and uncomfortable.


If nothing else, Mr. Trump’s apparent willingness to turn over the table has gotten the attention of Western allies, creating a sense of urgency to meet the spending goals, and not everyone drew back in alarm.


The French newspaper Le Monde, for example, was relaxed. “Once again, Donald Trump brought on the show, but the damage was limited,” the newspaper said. “The NATO summit, which threatened to become a psychodrama because of the American president’s caprices, wound up reinforcing the alliance. The Europeans are ready to pay more for their defense, and the U.S. reaffirmed its military commitment to its historic allies.”


But the big question is whether any amount of spending would actually satisfy Mr. Trump, or whether his real attempt is to divide NATO and the European Union, both Mr. Heisbourg and Mr. Valasek said. Mr. Trump mixes his threats about more trade tariffs if the European Union does not come to better terms with his threat to withhold security from those same countries.


Of course, Mr. Trump also uses and misuses the figures he chooses. He often says that the United States pays for 90 percent of NATO, or sometimes he says 70 percent, when the figure is really about 67 percent, and includes the percentage of global military spending.


In fact, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, of the $603 billion the United States spends on defense, only about $31 billion goes to Europe.That number is increasing. But the European countries of NATO are spending about $239 billion and rising, even if their spending is not very efficient or coordinated.


Similarly, Mr. Trump likes to cite a $151 billion trade deficit with the European Union. But that figure is for goods only – not for services, which represent nearly 80 percent of the economy, where the United States has a small trade surplus with Europe.


For Mr. Heisbourg, Mr. Trump the businessman is simply “monetizing American power.” As Mr. Trump recently said, he regarded the European Union “possibly as bad as China, just smaller.” He sees Germany as dominating the bloc, and Germany, for which he has a special animus, as “the weak link in an organization vulnerable to linkage between trade and security,” Mr. Heisbourg said.


The same is true of Mr. Trump’s support of Brexit, on display again on Friday in Britain. Mr. Trump’s view is that “if you have a soft Brexit and stick with the European Union too closely, it doesn’t work for me, so goodbye, you’re on your own,” said Pierre Vimont, a former French ambassador to Washington. “For Trump there are no allies and no enemies, just partners or not, and the U.S. will deal with them separately. And the Europeans have no key to answer this new U.S. foreign policy.”


Christopher F. Schuetze contributed reporting from Berlin, Raphael Minder from Madrid and Adam Nossiter from Paris.“



Dietmar Moews meint: Die neue Weltpolitik des US-Präsident No. 45, die egal wie szenarisch und situativ immer ein multilaterales Wirkungs-System ist, verlangt von allen NICHT-USA-Staaten grundsätzlich und stets eine bilaterale – quasi eine unilaterale – Verhandlungshöhe.


TRUMP erklärt, mit dem BREXIT-GB keine Verträge machen zu wollen, wenn nicht die völlige harte EXIT-Unilateralität des Vereinigten Königsreiches durch den EU-Austritt herbeigeführt wird. No. 45 erklärte folglich, dass PM Theresa May abtreten muss und GB den harten EXIT finden solle.


Dabei sucht TRUMP das „America first“ immer durchzusetzen, indem die USA in jeder bilateralen Verhandlungssituation die stärkere Position hat – egal ob ökonomisch, militärisch, weltpolitisch, bündnispolitisch.


Das merken inzwischen all die Kleineren. Die Europäer erkennen, dass TRUMP ein gang banales TEILE und HERRSCHE-Konzept versucht zu seinen eigenen Zielen durchzusetzen.


Witzig, sowas in der New York Times als Titel zu lesen, jedoch nicht bei oder SPIEGEL-Online oder Die bringen das dann morgen und übermorgen.



Der TRUMP-Luftballon wurde über London gestartet, als US-Präsident No. 45 – von der NATO, aus Brüssel kommend – in England landete.





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Ferner: Papst Benedikt XVI. Erwähnt in seiner Weihnachtsbotschaft

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Sicht sofort: Bei einem Angriff auf den Papst, gestern abend

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Piratenthema heute: Merkel zeigt Demokratieschwäche.

Merkels schwarz-gelbe Koalition im Sinkflug – mangels

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ihrer Selbstverteidigungsminister.. Kanzlerin Merkel hält

Vizekanzler Westerwelle (FDP) für einen geeigneten

Mitspieler und Kanzlerin Merkel hält Hessens Ministerpräsident

Roland Koch (CDU) für einen geeigneten Mitspieler.

Koch hatte Franz Josef Jung in Merkels Kabinett gedrückt,

obgleich Jung zweifellos überfordert, unverlässlich und als

Selbstverteidigungsminister gescheitert war.

Heute musste Jung die Regierung verlassen. Heute verließ

Ministerin Von der Leyen (CDU) ihr Familienressort,

um Jung nachzufolgen, von der Leyen folgt die junge Hessin

Kristina Köhler nach, Kochs neue CDU-Brechstange mit

BND-Kompetenz. Der neue Selbstverteidigungsminister

zu Guttenberg (CSU) hat nun die Aufklärung des

Kunduz-Kriegsunfalles angekündigt. Denn Guttenberg

wackelt selbst. Auch er hat – wie Minister Jung – ungeprüft

die Kunduzfehler wegzuleugnen versucht. Die deutschen

Soldaten in Afghanistan werden infolge solcher Kampfeinsätze

selbst Angriffsziel der Taliban. Herr Selbstverteidungsminister,

was wissen sie über private Blackwater-Soldaten im



So wie Merkel die Jung-Personalie zuzurechnen ist, ist ihr

die SWIFT-Sache anzulasten.

Der schwarz-gelbe Broiler scheint gar nicht zu begreifen,

dass solche schwerwiegenden Rechtsstaats- und

Demokratieaussetzungen, die gesamte Staats- und

Gesellschaftsintegration durchlöchert, auf die unsere liberale

Sozialdemokratie aber angewiesen ist. Merkels Politikstil

steigert die Entsolidarisierung in Deutwschland.


Piratenthema SWIFT: Die Bundesländer wehren sich gegen

das geplante Swift-Abkommen zur Weitergabe von Bankdaten

an die USA. Kurz vor der entscheidenden Sitzung der

EU-Minister an diesem Montag forderte der Bundesrat, es

müsse wirksamer Rechtsschutz gewährt werden. Die

Bundesregierung dürfe im Ministerrat weder zustimmen

noch sich enthalten. Über alle Parteigrenzen hinweg

wurde das Abkommen mit den USA als nicht rechtsstaatlich

kritisiert. Zur Terrorabwehr sollen Bankdaten von EU- Bürgern

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Dieser Zugriff wird auch von den deutschen Banken abgelehnt.

Es lohnt sich lokal, vor dem eigenen Rathaus,

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